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Who We Are

Who’s Gonna Take Care of Me promotes year-round giving to benefit Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. Alzheimer’s Disease is a growing epidemic in America and low-income patients and their caregivers often face shortages of basic supplies such as diapers, shoes, toothpaste, and other essentials.

Christmas may be an already-distant memory for most people but the Elves for Alzheimer’s at are working year-round to continue gift-giving efforts benefitting Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients as well as their caregivers.

elders caring

"In December, WG TOM collaborated with the L.A.-based 501c3 Urban Community Access Network (UCAN) and Sherril Rieux, M.D., to launch a Christmas-inspired event called Elves for Alzheimer’s, a gift-giving project that benefitted more than 100 Los Angeles area Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients and 40 caregivers." underneath "Our Short Story".


Our Short Story

Unfortunately, there are many sufferers with Alzheimer's/dementia that are forgotten and left alone. Love ones, add a credit card to the facilities account and sometimes never come back. Yes, it really happens! One day while visiting a facility, I noticed a lady with duct-tape binding her toes to her shoes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. When asked why, the caregiver at the facility said, "The ladies son had not been back for months to bring his mom new shoes". Immediately, my colleague and I left the facility and purchased several pair of shoes for the poor woman. The next day, and weeks there-after that, little lady with Alzheimer's would see me visit my mom, work her way over, give me a hug and tell me, I LOVE YOU. Remember, This lady has Alzheimer's! Love transcends in many ways. After that experience i became motivated to launch "Who’s Gonna Take Care of Me".

The "Elves for Alzheimer's" plan is to keep the momentum going year round. Our goal is to continue bringing entertainment and cheers to those that are “invisible” and left alone.

Meet The Team


Our Founder:
“Butch Grimes” founded “Who’s Going to Take Care of Me” and the Gloria Grimes Alzheimer’s and Dementia Community Resource Center in Inglewood, California in honor of his mother, Gloria Grimes, who is also battling Alzheimer’s. He realized that there was a need to not only acknowledge Alzheimer’s and Dementia’s effects on underprivileged and minority communities, but also inform and support these community members in their battle against these illnesses with no known cure.

Butch is also the Founder and President of Team Equity L.A. Property & Management Inc and has more than 33 years of experience in the probate, conservatorship, trusts, and receiverships industries as a partition referee.

He has also established the following companies focused on property retention and educating underserved communities:

L.A. Metropolitan Funding Group, Inc., Team Equity L.A. Property, Inc., We Talk Real Estate TV & Radio Enterprises, (T-Shirt designer)&

He has also received the following awards:

– Awarded the Certificate of Recognition and Honors by US Senator Barbara Boxer for Outstanding Achievement and Services in Community Outreach and Education in 2005.

– Commended for dedicated Community Service by the County of Los Angeles Supervisors in 2005.

– Awarded the Certificate of Recognition and Honors from the L.A. Neighborhood Housing Services (LANHS) for Outstanding Achievement and Services in Community Outreach and Education in 2005.

-Awarded California Reinvestment Coalition-CRA Tiger award for Outstanding Community Service and Activism for Homeownership Rights in 2004 and 2005.

– Named “Hero of The Week” by Alzheimer’s, Dementia-KNX, CBS.

– Named “Caregiver of The Year” by the Grand Park Foundation.