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Resource Center

Resource Center

Welcome to our Resource Center, where you will find helpful articles, videos, and social media links to support you and your loved ones on your journey with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Here at "Who's Gonna Take Care of Me" we believe in the power of education and community and are here to answer your question and hear your concerns. Send us an email at


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A Son’s Love

Since Mom’s diagnosis of dementia, I have no free time. No Sunday golf outings with the fellas. No Friday night

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Take Momma’s Keys

A guide to helping an aging parent transition from driver to passenger due to age-related issues. Dementia/Alzheimer’s It’s Friday night.

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Shit Happens

Holiday Outings can be very pleasant but “ShiT” Happens    With Thanksgiving turkey and dressing packed in Tupperware containers, and

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You Are Not Alone

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No one should fight this battle alone. Find and connect with folks going on same journey as a caregiver, family member, or as a patient themselves. Simply follow us on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube and become a part of our community.